Configuring Jellyfin Media Server Smart Home Ecosystem

Configuring Jellyfin Media Server

In this post, I documented how I configured Jellyfin media server on my home server. Having Jellyfin media server up and running, I and all family members living in the same house can connect to the home network and watch movies stored on the media server. Not only that, by establishing a secure SSH channel from my home server to my VPS in the cloud, now I can watch movies from my media server from anywhere in the world.
Orange Pi 5 Switching to Ubuntu Smart Home Ecosystem

Orange Pi 5 Switching to Ubuntu

In this post, I'm documenting the switching process from Armbian Jammy to Ubuntu Jammy 22.04 for my Orange Pi 5. I have to switch because I have other Ubuntu desktop installation on my PC, and I am already accustomed to using Ubuntu. So to make a singular experience across my X86 and ARM64 machines, I switched my Orange Pi 5 OS to Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish).
Preparing Orange Pi 5 for a Home Server Smart Home Ecosystem

Preparing Orange Pi 5 for a Home Server

In this post, I will prepare my Orange Pi 5 for a home server, starting from installing Armbian OS, installing and configuring Docker and Docker Compose, and running Portainer as an initial Docker container on top of it. Eventually I will install and configure Home Assistant Docker container and other related containers for home automation, but of course they will be for separate posts in the future.